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Expert Engine Service for Norcross Area Sprinters

Engine issues can bring a lot of unforeseen worries. Big jobs can become costly and cut into your business or leisure and take up your precious time. Thankfully we here at Sprinter Gurus have the wherewithal to recognize these stressors for our customers when they come in. Through our expert knowledge, transparent and fair pricing, and excellent customer service we’re able to provide you with a carefree experience that helps you understand what is needed for your car’s engine and not add any fluff to it. Making your decision easy when it comes to getting your car’s engine needs right.

Sprinter Engine Service

Quality Diagnostics & Repairs

Sprinters are known for their versatility and are trusted by dozens of industries to perform as needed day in & day out. At Sprinter Gurus our technicians have years of hands-on experience with Sprinter vehicles and will work with you to make sure any engine issues are addressed quickly & accurately.

Signs Your Engine Needs Service

  • Check Engine Light
  • Poor Gas Mileage
  • Irregular Noises When Driving
  • Excessive Stalling
If you notice these signs or if something doesn’t quite feel right, schedule an appointment with our team to make sure everything is in proper working condition.


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