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Expert Transmission Services & Repairs for Sprinter Vans in Norcross

Your transmission is the most important part of your Sprinter Van. With the heavy loads and constant on the go that Sprinter Vans go through it is imperative you keep your transmission maintained. Thankfully, here at Sprinter Gurus we have the expertise in fixing your transmission the right way. We are equipped with state-of-the-art factory training that helps us with complex repairs like transmissions.

Signs Your Transmission is Slipping Include

  • Grinding or Squealing Sounds When Shifting
  • Humming When in Neutral
  • Overheating/Burning Odors Under Van
  • Excessive Shaking or Vibrating
  • Shifting Malfunctions
  • Visible Fluid Leaks
Any one of these signs can mean serious issues, so let our team get the problem diagnosed & resolved before any long-term problems can impact your van.


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