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With years of hands-on experience, our certified technicians bring a wealth of knowledge to every service we provide. We understand the unique demands that various applications place on Sprinter vans, from shuttle services to ambulances, and our services are tailored to meet these specific requirements

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Mechanical Expertise

Mechanical Expertise

Specialized Solutions

Specialized Solutions

Fleet Maintenance Programs

Fleet Maintenance Programs

Our certified technicians bring years of expertise to every service, ensuring your Sprinter Van receives the attention it deserves.
Whether you manage a single Sprinter van or an entire fleet, Sprinter Gurus is equipped to handle your unique needs.

Norcross’ Go-To Sprinter Van Repair Shop

Sprinter Gurus brings precise care and outstanding customer service for your Mercedes Sprinter Van. Your Sprinter van can live a tough life that requires intricate knowledge to maintain and keep you on the road. Located in Norcross, we service the greater Fulton County area, and whether you’re tiny house living or running a delivery or transport company, we utilize our state of the art technology and up to date education to keep your Sprinter van in top shape. Our master technicians can service a wide variety of needs for your Sprinter, including:

No matter what you need, our team has the experience & tools needed to take care of your vehicle.

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