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Thorough Diagnostic Inspection Services for European Cars In Norcross

Your vehicle is a marvelous piece of engineering, but even the most robust models from top brands need a thorough inspection now and then. At Sprinter Gurus, we ensure that your precious vehicle is running smoothly, pinpointing any potential or existing issues with our advanced diagnostic inspections.

Mercedes Diagnostic Inspection

When Do You Need A Diagnostic Inspection?

  • Check Engine Light is On: A lit check engine light is a clear sign that something is amiss and needs attention.
  • Unusual Noises: If your car is making strange or unusual noises, a diagnostic can help determine the source.
  • Unexpected or Unusual Behaviour: If your vehicle starts acting up, stalling, or behaving unusually in any way, it’s wise to get it checked.
  • Performance Issues: When you notice a drop in your car’s performance, such as reduced fuel efficiency or power.
  • Before a Long Journey: To ensure that everything is in working order before hitting the road for an extended trip.
  • Routine Check-up: Even if there aren’t evident issues, periodic diagnostic checks can preemptively identify potential problems.
  • After a Repair or Service: To verify that the issues have been resolved and no new ones have arisen.
  • Transmission Issues: If your vehicle is having difficulty changing gears or is exhibiting jerky movements.
  • After an Accident: To assess any potential damage that may not be immediately visible or affecting performance.
  • Before Purchasing a Used Car: To get insight into any existing problems or potential future issues.
  • Emission Test Failure: If your vehicle fails an emissions test, diagnostics can help pinpoint the reason.
  • Fluid Leaks: Identifying the source of a leak can prevent further damage and ensure proper functioning.
  • Starting Problems: If your car struggles or fails to start, diagnostics can help figure out why.


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